Children are generally considered toddlers between the ages of one and three, when they are first beginning to develop and refine their motor, language, and cognitive skills. This is one of the most times for your child’s development and the best toys for toddlers will help them learn and grow, while also keeping them engaged and entertained. Before overloading your child with a lot of educational toys, or ones that are not age appropriate there are a few features you should consider.


Best Toys for Toddlers

Some things to consider before purchasing any toys for a toddler include;


  • Safety is always a concern for younger children, especially inquisitive toddlers. You will always want to look for toys that are durable, without any parts that can pinch small fingers. While it is required that all children’s toys use a lead free paint, it is still a concern especially with older models.


  • Easy to clean is another feature to look for since the toys will be played with by busy toddlers. Look for easy to wipe durable plastics, and machine washable soft fabrics.
Best Toy

Best Toy


Some of the best toys for toddlers include bright colored puzzles, and blocks that can be easily snapped together. Toys that can be counted and sorted are also popular, and can help toddlers develop their cognitive skills. Make believe toys and pretend household items, let active children engage their imaginations and work on their social skills. Toddlers also like to pretend they are grownups, making play kitchen sets another popular toy for both boys and girls.

While it is normal for toddlers to play with gender specific toys like dolls, cars, and plastic dump trucks, it should not be forced on them. Toddlers need to be able to explore and discover on their own, and playing with each other’s toys is part of the learning process. Other toys that can engage toddlers and help them express themselves are washable crayons and colored markers. Simple art supplies can help improve some of the finer motor skills like handling smaller objects, while still teaching simple skills.

Along with these toys, it is important for toddlers to develop muscle coordination, and some of the best toys for this include tricycles and balance bikes. These toys let toddlers experience their first taste of independence, while still keeping them close to home. The exercise can also help to build and develop muscle strength, while improving motor skills.

The best toys for toddlers will be able to keep them entertained, while also helping to teach them valuable skills that will be needed throughout their lives.